About Me

“My career path has affected the whole way I feel and move in the world. The basic continuity is engagement with ‘strangers,’ with different ways of thinking and of ” 
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Since the beginning of 2000, I have worked as an intercultural trainer and coach, systemic consultant, and facilitator.

Skills I have acquired in different stages of my professional career:

  • Master's degree in Anthropology and Empirical Cultural Science at Tübingen and Basel
  • Year of volunteering in Brazil (Favela Monte Azul in São Paulo)
  • Ethnological research on ethnic issues in rural areas in Brazil
  • Scientific work in research and publication on international migration in Berlin
  • Post-graduate work in international development cooperation in Berlin and project activities in Brazil and Argentina
  • Coordination of programs and internships to develop young leaders from Africa, Asia and South America in Cologne
  • Consultant for cooperation projects of a religious congregation in Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay
  • conCipio Intercultural Communication and Organizational Development, founding of the company

Additional benefits for you

Ongoing training (systemic consulting, coaching, group dynamics, e-tutoring etc.) and supervision expand my horizons and my tools. Since the beginning of 2017 I'm a certified ZRM®Coach.

I am certified for various analysis and development tools in intercultural collaboration:
„Cultural Detective“,
International Profiler-TIP und International Preferences Indicator - IPIAccreditation - PROFILER

My working languages are, of course, German, English and Portuguese – and with a bit of effort, Spanish.

Versed in the use of electronic media and conference systems (e.g. Skype, WebEx, …)


Selbstverständnis Portrait

In my work, I can be an expert facilitator, observer, questioner and, feedback-provider. I don’t present you with ready-made answers; rather, I support you in finding autonomous solutions. I will show you different perspectives, bring new ideas into play, and illustrate various options. 
My goal is to find solutions – that meet your needs.